Are you a trader who “gets” the power of increasing your edge?

You’ve come to the right place.

  • Avoid more “low-expectancy” trades
  • Identify more “high-expectency” trades
  • Minimize loss on losing trades
  • Maximize gain on winning trades


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  • We build a chart piece-by-piece. See what each piece of “evidence” is telling you (and how you can use it)
  • The biggest mistake most traders make when it comes to trade entry (this was a huge turning point for me)
  • 5 distinct differences between successful and unsuccessful traders (very important info here)

Is This For You?

  • See the market more clearly than ever before (in real-time)
  • Use as a “decision aid” to what you’re currently using OR as a stand-alone
  • Avoid “low-expectancy” situations
  • Find more “high-expectancy” opportunities
  • Maximize profit on winning trades
  • Minimize loss on losing trades
  • Become a better trading decision maker

As a 20 yr floor member at CBOT, I’ve heard tons of crap over the years. But, you guys got it right.

I enjoy the truth of your posts and videos and this software is the next best thing to being on the floor.

MC, Illinois

I must tell you, this is the most marvelous software. Thank you does not adequately express my appreciation.

Though I have been trading successfully for years, I have never seen the market so clearly or felt so confident.

KD, Michnigan