Do you want to avoid the typical mistakes that hurt most traders?
Do you want to trade with more confidence and clarity?

Go under the surface of the “true” market in a way that’s easy to understand and use.
In other words, see the market more clearly than ever before (in real-time).

Better Entry Decisions

Swim WITH the current of the market more often. Understand the context of the market you’re trading. Identify more “high-expectancy” trade opportunities. Avoid more “low-expectancy” trade opportunities.

Better Exit Decisions

Learn to minimize loss on your losing trades and maximize gain on your winning trades. Determine when it makes sense to hold for a bigger profit and when it makes more sense to lock in a smaller profit.

Better Risk/Reward

Trading isn’t black-and-white. So why would you trade that way? The key to successful trading is being able to identify the level of opportunity in the market at a given time and then deploy your risk accordingly.

Better Long Term Results

Your job description as a successful trader? Professional Decision Maker. Learn to make the best possible decision at any given moment and the results will actually take care of themselves.

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No Hype. No Pressure. Decide For Yourself If This Is A Good Fit For You

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“As a 20 yr floor member at CBOT, I’ve heard tons of crap over the years. But, you guys got it right. I enjoy the truth of your posts and videos and this software is the next best thing to being on the floor.”

MC, Illinois

“I must tell you, this is the most marvelous software. Thank you does not adequately express my appreciation. Though I have been trading successfully for years, I have never seen the market so clearly or felt so confident.”

KD, Michigan

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