Are You A Day Trader?

I will teach you my personal trading methodology and plan.  
Step-by-step.  From A to Z.

The market is always giving clues and telling a story...IF you know how to read it.

Learn a full methodology for day trading futures

Learn how "Relative Aggression Bars" can help you see the market more clearly than ever before.

Learn how "Box Theory" can help you read the market's story with clarity, day after day.

Learn how "Scoring" trades on a scale of 1-10 can help you determine when it's best to stand aside vs. when it's best to get on-board.

Plus...much, much more...

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In this brief overview video you will learn:

  • What this is all about
  • How it works 
  • What you get
  • How this is unique
    ("box theory",  trade "scoring", etc)
  • How it's priced
  • Whether or not it is a good fit for YOU

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Your best plan of action: 

  • Make sure you've watched the Overview / Intro video.  (above)
  • Watch the video on "Relative Aggression" Bars and how they help you see the market so much more clearly.  (below)
  • Watch the video explaining "Box Theory" and how you can use it to make better sense of the market.  (below)
  • Watch the video that show the logic (and examples) of high-probability trade setups.  (below)
  • Watch the video that explains the DTTM "Scoring System" for judging trade quality on a scale of 1-10  (below)

 What really moves the market?  How can you see it quickly, clearly, and in real-time?

How do you see "under the surface" of the market?

In this video you will learn about "Relative Aggression Bars"

  • Why does the market go up or down?
  • How do Aggression Bars work?
  • What do they show you?
  • How can you use them to improve your trade decisions?

 How do you see and understand the "story" the market is telling you at any given moment in time ?

Would you like
to "read" the market like a book?

The market is always telling you a "story" IF you know how to read it.

In this video, learn about "Box Theory."  

It's a step-by-step technique that helps you make sense of and simplify the market, day after day.

 How do you know where to enter?  And why?

Trade Entry...

In this video, learn about identifying high-edge trade setups.  

I teach 12 main trade setups...a few basic setups and several more advanced setups.  

Learn more about the logic behind these setups in this video.

LEARNING TO "SCORE" TRADE QUALITY (on a scale of 1-10)
 Which trades should you take?  Which trades should you skip?

Scoring trades (on a scale of 1-10)

Here is another reason this method is so unique.

The scoring system gives you a framework for determining:

  • Is a trade worth taking?
  • Is it worth the risk?
  • How aggressive should you be?
  • Should you expect a big move or look for a quick profit?

Who Is Justin?

And why is he doing this?

If you're interested, you can click here to learn more about my story.  Included is the up-and-down journey that got me to this place, how I got things turned around, how I developed these concepts of "box theory" and "trade scoring" and why I've put together this education package.

Additionally, you can always email me at with any specific questions you might have.

Becoming a member is simple as could be.  
Low risk.  Low payment.
Incredible education & methodology.

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