Learn More (Overview & Basics)

Below are five brief videos that will give you a basic overview of what the DTTM software is, how it can help you better see (in real-time) what’s going on in the market, and the philosophy of successful trade decision making that we teach.

We Build A Chart Piece-by-Piece

We start with a “naked” chart and then add each component.

Learn what each piece of “evidence” within the software is telling you…and how you can use it to make better sense of the market in real-time.

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Understanding Relative Aggression Bars

Relative aggression bars are the most unique and proprietary feature of this software. In this video we…

> Explain what REALLY moves the market
> Explain aggression in “real world” terms
> Show several uses and examples

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The Biggest Mistake Most Traders Make When It Comes To Trade Entry

If you’re not having the level of success you would like in your trading, this is often one of the main issues.

Learning this lesson was a HUGE turning point in my trading career…as well as many people we’ve worked with.

The message is subtle, but if you can really “own” this concept, you’re on your way.

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Using The DTTM Software For Trade Entry

We look at several factors regarding trade entry…

> The theory of proper trade entry
> Two most common entry strategies
> Numerous examples and charts

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Using The DTTM Software For Trade Exit

Many (most) traders struggle with trade exit. They tend to get out of winners too soon and hold on to losers too long.

In this video, we explain…

> Why most traders struggle with exits
> A new way of looking at exit strategy
> Examples and strategies you can use

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