Do You Have A Repeatable Process For Making Trading Decisions?

How do you quantify your edge?  Are you able to?  And, how do you know if it's real and repeatable?  That's what this video is about. 

We've probably all experienced the horrible feeling that is putting on a trade and then feeling like it's just a matter of good vs. bad luck whether or not it works.  

It's a much better feeling to get into the market with confidence, know you have an edge.  That doesn't mean you always win...but it means you're only putting your money on the line in favorable situations.

Of course, that all makes sense.  And everyone talks about having an "edge".  But, how do you quantify it?  Well, that's what this video is about.

It discusses the 3 step process for defining your edge and gives an example from the gold market.

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