In this section, we'll discuss several trade entry setup concepts.  

Below are many trade entry setup concepts/ideas.  Different people have different styles and gravitate to different types of trade setups.  Experiment!  Customize setups to your style and personality!

A few notes:

1) There is nothing "magic" about any of these setups.  They're simply logic-based concepts that you might find helpful.  

2) Context is KING.  If you blindly take any of these setups, you won't have as big of an edge as you need.  It's always about putting the market into context first, and then utilizing a setup that fits into that context.

3) The entry is just part of trading success.  Many people think it's the only thing.  They're wrong.  Entry is only as good as your ability to make sense of the market's context, to exit effectively, to manage risk effectively, and to manage your mental state effectively. 

Philosophy  (COMING SOON)
 - Context...then trade setup.  Always context first!
 - Different "Types" Of Trade Entry Setups
 - Trade Entry Setups In Relation To "Decision Points"

Specific Trade Setups:

 - HOD / LOD Acceptance Trade
 - HOD / LOD Rejection Trade 
 - HOD / LOD Failure Trade

 - Box Retracement Trade
 - Box Acceptance Trade
 - Box Overlap Trade
 - Box Fade Trade
 - Box Re-Acceptance Trade

 - Breakout Trade
 - Capitulation Trade

 - Vertical Turning Point Trade
 - Turning Point Failure
 - Barrier Turning Point Trade

 - Gap Go-With Trade
 - Gap Fill Trade

 - HOD/LOD Reversal

 - Reversal Pattern Trade

 - Zone-Based Trades

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