User Reviews

The feedback received on this program has been overwhelmingly positive.  Here is a sampling...

As a 20 yr floor member at CBOT, I’ve heard tons of crap over the years. But, you guys got it right. I enjoy the truth of your posts and videos and this software is the next best thing to being on the floor.”
MC, Illinois

“I must tell you, this is the most marvelous software. Thank you does not adequately express my appreciation. Though I have been trading successfully for years, I have never seen the market so clearly or felt so confident.”
KD, Michnigan

“I just would like to thank you guys for this software…A day trader for 20 years…have bought thousands of dollars worth of crap…but this software and your education has made me turn the corner….Thanks again.”
VT, New York

“A very big thanks to you and Dave. I almost quit trading, but after working with you these past weeks my understanding is deepening and I’m building back my account. I am so, so grateful.”
WS, Illinois

“It’s funny…all the trades I’ve taken with my other systems have lost money, and then I’ve used DTTM to get it back…so after weeks of this break even, I decided to trash everything else and just go with DTTM trades.
MB, California

“Thanks for the videos and fantastic software tool. You and Dave are doing a great job! I’m having my best month trading and it’s not due to luck.“
PM, Louisiana

“My name is Denise Fernandez. I’ve been trading for a few years now, seriously for about two and a half.

I have the same story as pretty much every other trader out there; blowing out accounts, spending so much money on different indicators, strategies and courses. However, surprisingly, I came away with something useful from each experience and together I have come up with my own way that I feel comfortable trading.

I have followed you guys for about a year, and finally, I had to give it a shot. I had been treading water with my trading, mainly due to my fear and lack of confidence. You can’t fail and lose so much money and not have some residual fear. But, I have been more consistent for the past year on my own, and with this software it is that extra something that I needed. This indicator is amazing.

Whether you use it as a stand alone, or in conjunction with what you already use, I have found that it was like a missing piece of a puzzle I needed. It gives me that extra confirmation I have needed to feel more confident in my trading. It gives you all the clues you need to make the right decision; between the intraday filter, the support and resistance zones, the aggression bars and the divergence cones.

When I see a potential trade set up and look over at the DTTM and see that a support/resistance bar has formed or a bullish/bearish divergence cone form etc., it confirms my entry and I know it will more than likely be a high probability trade. Nothing is certain and nothing is 100%, but the odds are definitely stacked more in my favor with the use of DTTM.

I can go on and on, but I think you get the point. Also, I would highly recommend listening to the game plan for the next trading day as well every night to prepare for the next day’s trading. One last thing to mention is the great customer service. If you have any issues whatsoever, Justin is right there answering any questions immediately or on the phone resolving any problems you may have.”
DF, Florida

“I’m still amazed how powerful DTTM is. I recently started working from home now instead of at our office and I have a new sense of focus now with less distractions.I’m watching 14 markets and actively trading about 6 of them. I try to treat each trade in isolation, there are times I’m short ES and long NQ, entering at different times based on each markets setups.Just wanted to give you an update on what I’m doing. Have a good weekend.”
JB, Illinois

“Alex here with just a few things to say. I bought the software about a year and a few months ago when I was still a newbie at trading and didn’t know much about the markets to begin with, and at this time I was having an incredible amount of frustration with trading, it felt like no matter what I did I lost money. Every single day was red, then maybe one good day, then the losses would come again in large quantities.

The tool you guys have is phenomenal. Not only that, but all the education along with about order flow analysis and how that’s what really matters when it comes to markets. That in my opinion was a HUGE eye opener. I have learned an obscene amount of things in the past year and my trading has turned around ten fold to levels I didn’t think were possible this fast and at this age.

For example, I was long oil today early on in the day (6-27-2013) and it absolutely exploded to the upside. I would have never held the position as long as I did if it weren’t for the software and the knowledge that came with it. Excuse me for my language, but fuckin A was that trade awesome as hell. In just a few hours I made money some of my friends would have to work weeks for with their current jobs.

I cannot thank you guys enough, both Justin and Dave, with everything you guys have helped me out with. I was always a fast learner with most things in life but never thought I’d make it this well and far this fast, I feel like it’ll be pretty smooth sailing now with a few bumps here and there. Once again thank you so so much, I cannot say it enough. Good trading to both of you guys in the future.”
AP, Michigan

“I've been trading for several years and I've spent thousands of hours studying charts. During that time, I've analyzed and tested countless strategies and automated trading programs only to find that they don't deliver what they promise when traded live. After working with your software for the past couple of months, I've concluded through real results that it is a highly effective tool and one that I hope is around for years to come because I now can't imagine trading without it!
KM, Colorado

“I seldom buy new tools unless I can clearly see value and promise. What you have is tremendous I must say. I use the DTTM tools for adding confidence to other methods. For example, I like to trade gap fills. However, before I starting using your aggression bars and deceleration to pinpoint when to get in, it was just guess and hope. I also like to trade waves. But again, something additional is needed for the confidence factor. Today, in fact, I took a wave setup with confidence because it matched up with your filter, had a resistance zone, and also had a deceleration. Can’t thank you enough.”
RR, Florida

“Dave and Justin – This is Dennis. I bought your software and the first day I used it, it kept me from getting into a lot of stupid trades I would normally get into. I’ve been making money in the market for a lot of years, mostly selling resistance and buying support, but I’ve never been able to see the market like I can with your software. It helps me to see the auction process. Then, the next day I traded with it I paid for the software (and I only trade 4 contracts). It’s just been a marvel to me and I wanted to share that will you.”
DP, Nebraska

"I had a great trading day! I have to get ready for work. Thanks guys! See ya next time."
DF, Oregon

"DTTM is the best. Bar none. And you guys rock. Thank you for everything."
RD, Missouri

You can’t imagine how many years I’ve wanted a tool like DTTM. I tried using Market Delta concepts and other tools, but they just were not visually convincing enough for me.”
BL, California

“There are those that tell you what you want to hear (to sell you) and those that tell what you should hear and need to hear, which is you guys.
GZ, Connecticut

I am absolutely loving the software!
RP, Vermont

“At the cost of repetition, I add that I greatly appreciate your expertise, pleasantness, helpful nature (and spice with humor at times).  I truly admire your thinking and decision making process.
VJ, California

“This software is terrific. I cannot trade without it. It’s the best of the best, and I’ve used many!
ZD, Quebec

"I have been having much more success since working with you.  I took a fairly expensive day trading course about 2 years ago and they recently opened an "alumni" room where we can listen to the instructor as he teaches his newest students. It's interesting to listen to him talk about trade location and potential trades. I'm looking at your software work as he's speaking and I realize how little he really knows.
DD, Arizona

"This running commentary from you is invaluable!"
GS, Massachusetts

“Your software helps me see market exhaustion and look for turns to jump on trends. Works very well. Thanks again, I love it.”
MW, Colorado

“My compliments to you for the software, webinars, and daily assistant. I am finally making money every month after many years of inconsistency.
SG, Texas

Another Great Webinar! Thanks a Million!

"I love your program very good to make decision. Your program help me to do much less error than before and now after 3 weeks all my weeks as been profitable."
DC, Quebec

“My analogy …I was a 2-14 NFL team before software…now I am a 9-7 team…but feel like I am going to the Super Bowl very soon…have not lost money on monthly basis for 4 months….learning everyday. LOVE learning to stay out of trouble. (smiles) Today I would have made 3 bad trades in my old habits….but DTTM software helped me see why not to take those bad habit trades.”
TW, Texas

“Just a quick note. I love the way you are maintaining the calmness. that is very important imo."
CD, Illinois

“These real-time webinars are very helpful: you help me think through what I'm seeing and what should be/could be done with what I'm seeing. This is good stuff! Thanks"
KR, Alabama

“I have been with DTTM for 3 weeks now and I am so grateful I found you! I told my friends about DTTM!"
RC, Tennessee

“Today's webinar is so useful that I can not wait to view recording again. Thanks!"
JP, France

“What I appreciate the most from your webinars is your explanation and attitudes as the market unfolds. Gives me good insight as to what traders should be thinking and doing."
RKB, Ohio

“I used to focus so much on trade entry and now that I have adopted your thinking on the trade context, my trading has dramatically improved!"
BS, Minnesota

“Thanks for doing the member live sessions that you do. It is fripin AWESOME that you and Dave do these sessions and they are VERY VERY helpful and confidence building. Thanks so much, not just from me, but from my family and all the others who benefit from my better trading. Thanks again.”
SD, Maryland

“Hi Justin. Thanks for your video this morning on that short trade. It’s so funny I took the same trade as you but, got in @1551.50 and I did what you said on the video. I was thinking about getting out earlier but, I said I’m committed to my strategy and wait if I see opposite evidence to come in for me to exit my position. I’m learning to be patient and letting the trade develop in my favor. It works man…
DB, Florida

“Thanks again for the superb service and support that you provide.”
DV, South Africa

“I really, REALLY like the new software.”
JD, Indiana

“Day after day, I’m improving my read on context. These tools are great for that I must say!”
NJ, British Columbia

“I am a very small participants of the market, but since I am using the software, I am more confident, and more often happens that I make money. Great feeling!”
DK, Hungary

“On a serious note, I want to express my deepest appreciation that you don’t just share your software and market analysis, but also your thinking process. It’s been a revelation.”
VJ, California

“I appreciate both of your styles of teaching…brings a calming effect to what could normally be hectic. You bring a lot more clarity to the market.
RK, Texas

“So often in life people are so quick to complain, but are slow to give a compliment. I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how much this software has meant to me. Of course, this software is not the “HOLY GRAIL” and should not be used as such. You still have to think. But, once I realized this concept and began to understand confirmation and follow through my winning trades increased dramatically. I do not normally share my trades, however, I feel I must. Just recently I recognized a set-up and used the software to confirm what I thought. I patiently waited and then pulled the trigger. Y’all do a great job and I wanted to take a minute and tell you so.”
TM, South Carolina

“Forgive me if you are suffering me, as I must admit that I am ever the skeptic when it comes to buying anything with regards to the market, as I too have wasted money on services in the past that only speeded the ability to lose money. This of course is not high on my list. The flip side is, you’re the first person that I have ever talked to in any manner, and for sure the first person to articulate what I have been seeing, but never had high confidence in myself. This has been a huge boost to my confidence and I can see it already translating into my trading approach. For that I say thanks.”
JP, California

"Got everything up and running at home and now would like to authenticate my office computer if you could please. I love the your software! I can already see that the software will help my confidence level as I decide whether or not to enter a trade. Now I need to work on staying in when I have a winning trade. Thanks again for running an A-1 class operation!"
JM, Idaho

“What I find most useful about DTTM is the aggression bars. As you teach us to do, I look at the price action around and especially immediately after an aggression bar (I have completely discarded indicators like MACD, Stochastics, etc. that are always lagging). This logic for some reason makes so much sense to me. I can only trade for 2 hrs on an extended lunch hour, as I still am working full time. However, for the first time in my trading (years – too embarrassed to say how many years – suffice it to say I am a living example of the 10,000 hour rule – but then all successful traders have gone thru the painful and expensive learning process – you and me being no exception), I feel like I am truly reading the signals that the market is giving.
TG, Colorado

“Hi Justin. I just wanted to let you know about my progress with the software thanks to your help and Dave. The concept of confluence and putting the market in context is sinking in. I’m having the patience and waiting for things to line up and taking trades with high probability. It’s amazing if you have the patience to wait.”
OS, Florida

“Hey guys, Had fun today using the new software it was exciting to look at the higher time frames! I look forward to my continued understanding but I must say even as a newbie I can see the tremendous benefits. Just a comment, I really appreciate the way you guys handle yourselves both with responses and your forecast. I am also excited about your continual improvement of your product. It says a lot about your company and yourselves. Thanks again, ”
DG, Wisconsin

“This makes perfect sense. I had been struggling for a year to bring my “brain” interpretation speed to this kind of assessment. I see it happening, but have lacked the confidence to pull the trigger consistently around such events and often hesitate, and then get the negative feedback loop that keeps me guessing about what a solid choice is and is not. Visually, the software has totally helped me speed my assessment and give me confidence. I am so excited about this!”
PP, Colorado

“I really appreciate the efforts you put in educating us members by showing how your live trades are managed as well as sharing your experience in reading the market. Your demo sessions and also your videos are invaluable to my development into a professional day trader. Thank you so much.”
TY, Maryland

"These online sessions are very helpful to me. Thank you Guys!"
GM, Florida

"Thank you so much for this software. It is really helping me stay in trades longer and I am catching some real nice big profit trades."
RS, Wisconsin

"Some days DTTM is just simply glorious, I sold near those L3 selling bars under 1855, rode a few to 1846 area and reversed. A little aggressive. I don’t usually reverse like that, but I had great feel today."
JB, Illinois

"Hi Justin thanks for the invite to the webinar. I always get something out of them."
DP, Florida

“Thank you for all the work you and Dave put into the DTTM software and the nightly member video. My trading is going very well and it’s a direct result of how good you guys are at what you do. Thanks.”
JB, New Hampshire

“This gives me the confidence to hold the trade longer…I would have never held the trade I held today as long as I did. This tool helps me “talk the language of the markets” so to speak…gives me a better understanding.”
AH, Missouri

“A totally different feeling! I have confidence for the first time in a long time. Thank you! Thank you!”
GT, Wyoming

“Thanks. I appreciate your service. It is great to see someone who follows up on their product in the way of service and help. I will not hesitate to recommend to friends. Thanks again.”
BS, Texas

“I appreciate both of your styles of teaching...brings a calming effect to what could normally be hectic.  You bring a lot more clarity to the market."
RK, Texas