Account Management is the way in which you manage your trading capital as a whole. It’s a very key component in your success and longevity as a trader.

The goal is to balance being conservative enough to survive tough stretches while being aggressive enough to grow your capital at a favorable rate. ​

Additionally, your account management strategy must be in line with your personality and risk temperament.

  - Position Sizing Concepts
The section helps you determine how many contracts to trade relative to your account size.

  - Account Growth Strategies
Several different strategies you can use your profits to increase the number of contracts you are trading.

  - Account Draw-Down Strategies
Not every trade will be a winner, and not every day will be profitable. That’s the nature of trading. However, how you handle these draw-downs can be the difference between your ultimate success or failure. Here are some strategies you can us to weather draw-downs.

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