Do you have the mental "flexibility" required for successful day trading?

Do you ever feel like you get "locked in" to a trading concept and can't shake it?  If so, you might find this video helpful.

In it, I go bar-by-bar through a potential trade example from this morning.  We discussed it in real-time during our live education session, and people found it very helpful.  So, I'm sharing it here as well.

On the micro level, it shows a trade setup in the ES.  When it was created, it looked like a great trade.  However, over the course of the next several minutes a few "red flags" appeared, which greatly increased the risk.  I go through those clues and show how the evidence changed.

On the macro level, however, it shows how it's so important to remain focused on the "now" in trading.  If you get locked in to a concept, it is a good reminder to assess, moment by moment, the evidence being shown and how it affects the risk of taking a specific setup.

You can click below to view the brief video:

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