You Are NEW To NinjaTrader -  Detailed Explanation

This is the quick start guide for those new to NinjaTrader.  

It will show you how to download NinjaTrader and how to connect it to the free data feed. 

**Quick Note:  The data feed you will receive will expire in approximately 3 weeks.  
Do not worry.  We can quickly get you a new one.
Simply email and ask for a new data feed. 

Here is an overview of the basic steps:
 - Step 1:  Download & Install NinjaTrader
 - Step 2: Connect NinjaTrader to a Data Feed
 - Step 3: Install the DTTM Software onto NinjaTrader
 - Step 4: Authenticate Your Software

Further sections will help you setup your charts and understand all of the indicators you choose to use. 

The instructions below are for NinjaTrader 8, which is the newest version of NinjaTrader.  If you prefer to use NinjaTrader 7, you can click here.

Step 1: Download & Install NinjaTrader
(Written steps below)
   - Click here for the NinjaTrader Download Page. 
   - Be sure to check the "Yes, I would like to receive FREE LIVE MARKET DATA" box.
   - Select Asset Class "Futures" and fill out the form.
   - Click "DOWNLOAD"
   - Run The NinjaTrader Installer

Contents Here 

>>> Next Step:  Connect NinjaTrader To A Data Feed >>>

Questions?  Email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.