(Note: this section is for users of NinjaTrader 8.  If you're using NinjaTrader 7, click here)

The goal is that you get your charts setup with the indicators you want, using the settings you want.  Some people will add a lot of indicators and do a lot of customization.  Others will just use a few indicators.  Ultimately, you'll have to experiment a bit. 

Again, we want to avoid "visual overwhelm."  That can happen if you just put every indicator on your chart at once.  

So, we recommend:

  1) Setting up a BASIC chart (that just contains aggression bars)
  2) Then ADDING indicators one-by-one so that you can understand how to work with each of them.

1)  Setting Up A Basic Time-Based Chart
Click here to learn how to setup a chart like a 1 minute, 2 minute, etc.  This is what most users will do, and it's the place you should start if you're new.  

2)  Setting Up A Basic Non-Time-Based Chart (like a range, tick, volume, etc. type chart)
Click here to learn how to setup a chart like a tick or range or volume based chart.  Some users have strategies based on alternate chart types.  If that's you, here's where you learn how to set things up.

3)  Setting Up An Extended Hours (overnight) Chart
In most cases, it's important to separate the regular trading hours from the extended trading hours.  This will explain why that's the case and then how to set up overnight charts.

4)  Setting Up An "All Indicators" Chart (only recommended for experienced users)
This will show you how to load all the indicators at once.  This is NOT recommended unless you are already experienced with these indicators. 

5) Understanding and Working With NinjaTrader
If you're new to NinjaTrader, it's highly recommended that you view this section.  It will help you understand how to work with charts and templates and workspaces.  

Questions?  Email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.