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What Is The Runaway Gap Trade? Examples From CL, ES, NQ

What Is The Runaway Gap Trade?  Examples From CL, ES, NQ​Today offered a few examples of a trade we call the “runaway gap trade”.   It’s an aggressive trade that works only a bit more than 50% of the time.  But, when it does work, the moves tend to be pretty good.  This brief video explains […]


What Is The “Gap Trade”? Plus, How Do You Handle “Stacking” Boxes From A Trading Standpoint?

What Is The “Gap Trade”?  Plus, How Do You Handle “Stacking” Buying Boxes? In this brief video I look at a “runaway” day in Gold.   – What were the clues?  – How do you determine if a gap open is likely to continue or likely to fill?  – How do you identify if a trend […]