Authorize Your Software

Note: This video is for NinjaTrader 8.  If you're looking for the authorization process for NinjaTrader 7, click here.

This is a quick (but required) step.   Written steps below:

In order for your DTTM software to continue working, you’ll need to send us an email with a special machine ID.  We’ll then authenticate the software to work on your computer. To do so…

 - Make sure NinjaTrader 8 is running and you are connected to the internet
 - Go to Ninja Trader Control Center
 - Click “Help”
 - Click “3rd Party Licensing”
 - Enter daytradethemarkets (all one word, all lowercase letters) into the “Vendor Name” field
 - Enter a simple identifier (could be anything…your name perhaps) into the “User Defined ID” field
 - Click “Submit”
 - After clicking submit, copy the entire Machine ID and Identifier.
 - Paste it into an email and send it to

Questions?  Email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.