You Already Use NinjaTrader And You're Switching To NinjaTrader 8

NOTE:  This page is for people who already use NinjaTrader 7, but want to switch to NinjaTrader 8.
Please click here if you DO NOT currently use NinjaTrader.
Please click here if you want to stay with NinjaTrader 7.
Please click here if you are already using NinjaTrader 8

In the right spot?  Great.  There are 7 relatively quick steps you need to complete.  Explanations are below on this page.

- Step 1: Make sure you have your NinjaTrader License Key
- Step 2: Make sure you have your Data Login information
- Step 3: Close NinjaTrader
- Step 4: Download & Install NinjaTrader 8
- Step 5: Connect your data feed
- Step 6: Download & Install the DTTM Software
- Step 7: Authenticate your software

Step 1: Make sure you have your NinjaTrader License Key
You can get it from the email NinjaTrader originally sent you when you first got your Ninja license, or you could contact NinjaTrader support.  However, the easiest way is to get it from your current NinjaTrader 7 software.

  –  Go to Ninja control center > Help > License Key > Copy It

Step 2: Make sure you also have your data login
To find it, you could contact your broker, or you could find the email your broker sent you originally that contained this email.

If you can't find the email, you might consider trying this "trick" for finding it using your email's search feature:

To do so,
– Go to NinjaTrader Control Center
– Tools
– Account Connections
– Select The Connection You Use And Click “Change”
– Click Next
– Click Next Again
– Copy Your Username
– Then, use the “search” feature in your email to find that username.

That should locate both the username and the password.

Again, however, if you can't find your data login, just contact your broker. 

Step 3: Close NinjaTrader
After you have recovered your License Key and Data Login, be sure to close NinjaTrader.

Step 4: Download & Install NinjaTrader 8
(Written steps below if you prefer that.)

 - Click here for the Existing User Download page on the NinjaTrader site.
 - Enter your License Key (step 1 above) and click “Submit”
 - Select NinjaTrader 8 from the dropdown.
 - Download it
 - Run the software installer.

Here's a video showing you how:

Step 5: Connect To Your Data Feed
(Written steps below if you prefer that)

Connecting is fairly simple.

You might be asked to connect to data when you first open NinjaTrader 8. If so, simply enter your username and password (see step 2 above) and follow the prompts. Or, you can click “skip” and do it later using the steps below.

For a more in-depth connection, follow these steps:

 - Click "Connections"
 - Click "configure"
 - Select your data feed from the choices in the top left "available" section and then click "add"
 - Configure the properties
 - Name your connection
 - Check "connect on startup" (recommended)
 - Enter your username / password
 - Click "ok"
 - Click "Connections" again
 - Click on the data feed you just connected and wait for the green circle in the bottom left to light up

 >>> Next Step:  Install the DTTM Indicators >>>

Questions?  Email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.