Install the DTTM Indicators (NT8)

There are TWO steps to install the DTTM indicators onto NinjaTrader 8.  

   1) Import the software
   2) Import the chart templates that you want

Step 1:  Import The Software
(video below)

1) Download the DTTM software by either clicking on the link below or right-clicking it and saving the file wherever you want to save it:

2) Remember where you saved the file (probably your "downloads" folder)
3) Go to your NinjaTrader 8 Control Center
4) Click "Tools"
5) Click "Import" and then "NinjaScript Add-On"
6) Navigate to the folder where you saved the file above (probably your "downloads" folder)
7) Double click the "DTTMAggressionBarsNT8" file
8) Click "OK"
9) Click "OK"

Video: Watch the video below for more information as needed:

Step 2:  Import Chart Templates
(video below)

It's recommended that you use the chart templates that are provided.  You can, of course, customize any of them to your heart's content.  But, it's typically the quickest and easiest way to get up and running.

Make a choice of template packages depending on the markets you trade.  This is explained in detail in the video below.  However, here are the steps:

1) Close NinjaTrader 8
2) Choose the best link below and click on it to download it.  
3) Run the installer
4) When finished, restart NinjaTrader 8

Video: Watch the video below for more information as needed:

Index Only
Templates for Index markets only, like ES, NQ, YM, etc.

Index, Energy, & Metals
Templates for Index Markets, Energies (like CL), and Metals (like GC)

Multiple Markets
Templates for Indices, Energies, Metals, Agriculture, Bonds, Eurex, and Currencies. 

Video: Watch the video below for more information as needed:

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