Install The DTTM Indicators (NT7)

Note: This video is for NinjaTrader 7.  If you're looking for the installation process for NinjaTrader 8, click here

To install the DTTM software for NinjaTrader 7, follow the steps below:
(video explanation below)

1) Close NinjaTrader 7
2) Choose ONE of the 3 choices below, depending on which markets you trade
3) Run the installer
4) When finished, restart NinjaTrader 7

Choose ONE of the installers below.  
The software is the same in all three installers.  The difference is which templates you want installed as well.  If you just trade index markets, for example, you don't need all of the templates for the other markets.  (explained in the video below)

Index Only
Templates for Index markets only, like ES, NQ, YM, etc.

Index, Energy, & Metals
Templates for Index Markets, Energies (like CL), and Metals (like GC)

​Multiple Markets
Templates for Indices, Energies, Metals, Agriculture, Bonds, Eurex, and Currencies.

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