Aggression Bars:  Understanding & Using

Aggression Bars are the "foundation" indicator for most users.  Most people find aggression bars very helpful, especially after you gain some experience with them.

They tell you, in real-time, what is going on "under the surface" of the market.  They tell you, at any given time:
  - which side (buyers or sellers) is more aggressive 
  - the degree (moderate, strong, extreme, very extreme) of that aggression

The videos below will explain several things about the Boxes Indicator:

Video 1:  Aggression Bars Basics & Overview
​This video will tell you what aggression bars are and give some examples for using them most effectively

Video 2: Aggression Bars Logic
​This is more of a "deep dive" into the logic that underlies aggression bars. 

Video 1: Aggression Bars Basics & Overview

Video 2: "Deep Dive" on Aggression Bar Logic
...coming soon

Illustration:  Aggression Bar Overview

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