High of Day / Low of Day Indicator

The HOD (high of day) / LOD (low of day) indicator is a simple indicator that helps you keep track of well established highs and lows throughout a day.  In most cases, a well established high or low for the day is a key "decision" point for the market and it's an area you'll want to monitor closely.

The HOD/LOD indicator is not just tracking any new high or low for the day.  It's tracking what we call a "well-established" high or low for the day.  That means that, for example, a high was put in place.  Then, a combination of a retracement from that high of the day and an amount of time passed.  The greater the retracement, the less time needed.  

Topics in this section:

1) Settings And Options
This will explain the different settings, options, and customizations available.  

2)  Understanding And Using The HOD/LOD Indicator
It's important to understand what you're seeing and it's important to know how to best use the indicator. 

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