High Velocity Move (HVM) Settings and Options

There are a few customizations available for the HVM indicator.  

Below is a video and below that is a setting-by-setting breakdown.

(Note: The video shows the settings in Ninja 8.  The process for Ninja 7 is essentially identical)

Here is a breakdown, setting-by-setting:

Display HVM Box
Use this setting to determine if you want to see HVMs and then to determine what types of HVMs you want to see.  Your options are:
- "All":  This will show every HVM
- "HODLOD Only":  This will only show HVMs that form on the high or low of the day (at the time of formation)
- "None":  This essentially turns off the HVM

HVM Alert
If you want an audio alert when an HVM forms, use this setting.  Your options are:
- "None":  You will not hear any alerts
- "All":  You will hear an alert any time an HVM forms
- "HODLOD Only":  You will hear an alret only on HVMs forming on the high/low of the day

The alert sounds are below that.  

HVM Box Color
This is the color of the HVM that displays

HVM Box Opacity
This is how light/dark you want the shading to appear.

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