Zone Indicator:  Understanding & Using

This page describes the concept of zones and how to best use them.  Click here for information on the actual zone indicator.

Below is a "quick start" video for understanding and using Zones.  I recommend watching the video in full.  

Below that is a "deep dive" video on understanding how the zones are determined.  

Video:  Quick Start Guide For Understanding & Using Zones

Written Overview:
Zones help you tell the market's "story" each day.  

They are:
  - the INTERMEDIATE TERM market analysis
  - key areas of support/resistance
  - known prior to the day beginning
  - found in the Daily Market Assistant
  - covers the ES, NQ, CL, and GC at this time

But, remember, it's just ONE piece of evidence...not the full story.

Finding Each Day's Zones:
You can find them in the Daily Market Assistant.  You can also use the Zone Indicator (recommended) to save time. 

Zone Logic
(explained best in the video above)

"Deep Dive" into Zone Logic
If you would like more info on how zones are determined, check out this hour long tutorial on market profile:

Need help?
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