Turning Point Indicator Settings & Options

There are a few customizations available for the Turning Point indicator.  

Below is a video explaining how it works and how to change the settings.  Below that is a setting-by-setting breakdown.

Adding The Turning Point Indicator
To add the TP indicator, simply:
 - Right click your chart
 - Select 'indicators'
 - Click on the DTTM Software
 - Check the "show Turning Point" box for NinjaTrader 8 or
 - Select "true" next to "show  Turning Point" for NinjaTrader 7

NinjaTrader 7:

NinjaTrader 8:

(Note: The video shows the settings in Ninja 7.  The process for Ninja 8 is essentially identical)

Here is a breakdown, setting-by-setting:

Show Turning Points:
This simply determines whether or not the chart will display turning points.

Show TPI Strength:
You have to option to show varying degrees of turning points, based on strength.  Here are you options:
  - Moderate and Higher:  Will show all turning points
  - Strong and Higher: Will not show moderate turning points 
  - Strongest and Higher: Will not show moderate or strong turning points 

TPI Colors:
You can customize what colors you want the turning points to be.  It's divided by up/down as well as strength. 

Need help?
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