Boxes Indicator Settings & Options

There are a few customizations available for the Boxes indicator.  

Below is a video explaining how it works and how to change the settings.  Below that is a setting-by-setting breakdown.

Adding The Boxes Indicator
To add the Boxes indicator, simply:
 - Right click your chart
 - Select 'indicators'
 - Click on the DTTM Software
 - Check the "Show Boxes" box for NinjaTrader 8 or
 - Select "true" next to "Show Boxes" for NinjaTrader 7

NinjaTrader 7:

NinjaTrader 8:

(Note: The video shows the settings in Ninja 7.  The process for Ninja 8 is essentially identical)

Here is a breakdown, setting-by-setting:

Show Boxes:
This simply determines whether or not boxes will show on your chart or not. 

Show Inside Boxes:
If a box forms, but more than 50% of the new box is contained within the previously formed non-inside box, it's called an "inside" box.  If you set inside box to "true" these will appear.  These inside boxes only extend to the right for a limited time.  

Back Track Boxes:
This is an option you can experiment with.  If back track is set to "true" the software will try to determine if a buying or selling price "wave" started before the actual formation of the box.  For example, if a buying box forms, and there was a one-directional buying move prior to the start of the buying box, the back track setting will lower the low of the buying box.   

Buying / Selling Box Color: 
Very simply, this is the color of the box.

Alert Options:
You can have an audio alert let you know when a new box forms if you like.  You can also control the audio file.  

Show Box Strength:
If you want to see the box strength indicator (which is a number), set this to true.  Box strength is an indication of how much buying vs. selling went into the creation of a box.  The higher the number, the more one-sided the buying was in the creation of a buying box or how one-sided the selling was in the creation of a selling box.

Controlling the width/texture of Boxes:
If you want to change the type of box drawn or its thickness, it's not actually controlled within the box indicator.  We'd like it to be, of course, but it's just an odd glitch within NinjaTrader 7.  

To change the type of box and thickness, do the following.  

Draw a box on your chart.  You can click control and F12 at the same time, or you can use the drawing tools menu (pencil icon at top of chart).  Next, right click the box and select "properties".  Then, within "outline" select the width and the dash style you want.  Then, click "set default".  

Need help?
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