Big Picture Bias

While not technically an "indicator", you might find the big picture bias helpful to use each day.

Note:  At this time, the Big Picture Bias is available for the eMini S&P (ES), the Nasdaq (NQ), Crude Oil (CL), and Gold (GC).  You can find it each day in the Daily Market Assistant.

Explanation of the big picture bias and how you can use it

Written Overview:
The big picture bias helps you tell the market's "story" each day.  

It is:
  - the LONG TERM market analysis
  - known prior to the day beginning
  - found in the Daily Market Assistant
  - covers the ES, NQ, CL, and GC at this time

It is basically the "path of least resistance" over the past several days/weeks/month.  It means, all things equal, you would "rather" trade in the direction of the big picture bias.

But, remember, it's just ONE piece of evidence...not the full story.

Where is it found?


How Important is the BP Bias?
It's one piece of the "context of the day" puzzle.  There is no black-and-white answer, but this is a good general weighting:
  - Aggression / Box / Current Day Evidence:  50%
  - Zone Evidence:  30%
  - Big Picture Bias Evidence:  20%

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