Turning Point Indicator

​The turning point indicator can show you when buyers or sellers are having a hard continuing to move forward.  Therefore, they offer a potential turning point.  

While this can be a powerful indicator, it's very important to understand that you have to use it within the context of the market.  If you trade it blindly, it won't be as effective as it could be.  And, while that is not the point of this video, I wanted to make that point.  

The purpose of this video is to discuss the options and settings of the indicator.  The logic and how to use instruction is in another section.

Topics in this section:

1) Settings And Options
This will explain the different settings, options, and customizations available.  

2)  Understanding And Using The Turning Point Indicator
It's important to understand what you're seeing and it's important to know how to best use the indicator. 

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